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I am a lover of creative expression. There are so many inspiring artists, places, people...there is beauty all around. It is such a joy to capture emotions with a bit of a flare in a photo that will be cherished. I highly recommend photography as a creative outlet to anyone.

**Also, thank you so much to all the great photographers out there as well as my incredible models that have and will continue to inspire me.**

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

These little hands are changing so fast. I wish they could stay small forever. I know most days we think of holding our little ones and carrying them...
But, I know that these girls really do hold their daddy's heart in their hands. So, these pictures are more of a direct interpretation of their relationship most days. :0)

I hope you all found a way to show your love for the father's in your life today.

Thank you Megan for giving me this idea!!
My girls were really excited to give their daddy a picture for his office.

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